Recording Cabin Pressure – The Final Episode: spoiler-free report



After a journey of five years, Cabin Pressure  is now ready to make its final departure, following the recording of the last ever episode on Sunday February 23 2014 at RADA Studios in London.  The beloved BBC Radio 4 comedy written by John Finnemore stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Roger Allam, Stephanie Cole and Finnemore, alongside a host of guest stars, many of who recur in the final episode.

In this final installment, we pick up immediately after we left the crew of MJN Air at a critical moment that would decide the future of both the one-aircraft airline and its Captain, Martin Crieff (Cumberbatch). What occurs thereafter will of course not be described here, but over the extended 45 minute runtime of this episode Finnemore spins a comedy writing masterclass that not only pushes the entire cast of characters forward but fondly looks back to the past, pulling some interesting threads from the entire lifetime of the series together into a hugely satisfying whole.

And sitting there in the audience at RADA studios, you once again got the sense of the huge fondness the cast and crew hold each other in. The camaraderie between all those performing never wavered, whether they were regulars, returning guests, or a new arrival. As a result there were, of course, a couple of moments of sputtering laughter from those at the microphone necessitating an immediate retake, but these are all part of the fun of seeing recording take place ahead of any editing into the final product.   

But of course, the recording itself was infused with a palpable sense of the bittersweet, and by the conclusion of the retakes at the end of the evening you could sense a small tinge of incredulity among some on stage that this was the final time they would play these characters. All told though, Cabin Pressure ends brilliantly, on its own terms and in perfect style with a hilarious, warm and fitting finale that this well loved series deserves in every possible way.

No broadcast date for the final episode of Cabin Pressure has been announced by BBC Radio 4 as yet, but a potential date of December 24 2014 was mooted at the recording. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for further updates. 



-martin du crieff voice- ello it iz mah pleasure to be today your consulting detective on zis crime! Most exciting! 

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