Excerpt from one of THE RAID reviews on IMDB, talking about Indonesian curse words:

"By the end of the movie we also concluded that the Indonesian vocabulary in terms of curse words is so very limited. The word "anjing!" (means "dog") is used over and over, by everybody.. And the word "bangsat" (a bedbug) a few times.. "Babi" (pig) once, "kampret" (a small bat) once… They all basically means the same thing "Bastard"… So, this either means we are a really polite culture.. Or that they’re trying to avoid censor.. Or that the translator for gareth’s script has not enough vocabulary list… or maybe I really didn’t get the badness of those animal curse words.."

Oh honey, the entire animal kingdom, if pronounced in the right intonation, are equivalent to all the worst curse words in English added together and yes, will turn a seemingly ‘normal’ Indonesian to an Iko Uwais..

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  2. kxgrape said: duuude, it’s lexical gap. English language have less words than asian language does.
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